Most carport roof tops are made of metal materials which make them quite easy to extend, enclose, or simply make adjustments. If you happen to find that you need more coverage for an additional vehicle or some other reason, don’t go taking down your existing shelter and buying a new one that is larger. You should first consider adding on to the single shelter you own. Carports offer many functions and by simply extending the roof line, you can add some much needed storage space on your property.

Most companies that sell carports also sell additions materials separately. You should have no problem purchasing additional components to extend the existing shelter. Components such as roof panels, additions support ports, and fasteners can easily and inexpensively be purchased separately from the manufacturing companies. If you happen to have difficulty finding parts that match the appearance of your existing carport, consider buying a second single shelter and attaching it to the one you have. This can easily be done because there are many lean to or attached models to choose from. You can even opt to go with a stand alone shelter is there is plenty of space on your property.

Extending the carport roof can add much needed function and space for another vehicle, an outdoor living space, or simply more storage space for outdoor items. The amount of space you have available and budget restrictions are your only limitations. You can also choose to contact the manufacturing company directly to find out more options and to purchase the components you need. You should also have no problem finding a professional contractor or installer to handle the extension project for you. This will cost a little more money than doing it yourself, but you can rest assured that the addition will be handled properly and according to the building regulations in your area.

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When it comes to your home, you want to feel safe and secure at all times, and the roof over your home plays a crucial role in maintaining that safety. But you need to know that your roof is in good condition to do the job it is supposed to do, and you want to be able to spot any issues with your roof well before they cause more substantial, and costly, damage. Keep on top of your home and have a look at these 5 signs it may be time to replace your roof.


Generally speaking, your roof should last you up to 20 – 25 years. Though many roofs last longer than this, if your roof is getting to be 30 years old or above, it may be time to think about replacing, as, even if your roof looks fine when you’re looking up at your house, there may be problems you can’t see.


A good way to check if your roof’s age is a concern is to check what your neighbors are doing. If your neighbor’s homes are the same age as yours, and you notice several of them are having work done on their roof, then that is definitely a sign you should look into replacing your own, as your houses will have been exposed to the same environmental factors as each other.


If you look up at your roof and you notice the shingles are turning upwards at the edges – known as cupping – or bulging upwards in the middle – known as clawing – then this is a sign your roof is suffering weathering damage and you need to look into getting your roof repaired or replaced before a serious leak can occur.


Another sign that your roof may be in need of repair or replacement is if you notice the shingles are missing the asphalt granules that help protect your roof from the sun. If you can see these bald spots, or if you are noticing a build-up of these granules in your gutters, it means the roof is aging and you should start checking regularly for any further damage or shingle decay.


Visibly cracked and missing shingles on your roof are often caused by wind damage. If you notice just a few small cracks in one area of the roof, then these shingles can just be replaced but if you can see cracked and missing shingles all over the area of your roof, then it’s time to look into a replacement roof, as these damaged shingles prevent your roof from properly being able to shed water and can cause leaks.



At first you may think that the siding on your home is a trivial issue, but its importance cannot be overstated. The siding will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your house, will determine the curb appeal your home has. Not only that, but your tired, faded siding may be hiding issues in the walls of your home, and letting heat or cool air escape your home.

So, here are some of the benefits we at Green Rhino Builders think installing new vinyl siding could have for your home.


Because you see your house every day, you probably won’t notice how your siding can fade and discolour over time. Make a point to take a proper look at the siding on your home and you may realize it’s starting to look discoloured and rough around the edges. Getting new siding can be the chance to give your house the makeover it has been waiting for.

Plus, if you are looking to make a change to the look of your house, vinyl siding can come in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles. So, no matter what style you are looking for, you’ll be able to find one that makes your home look great, boosting your curb appeal.


If you are looking to save money on your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient, then replacing your siding with Green Rhino’s new, much more energy efficient vinyl siding is a step in the right direction.

When new siding is installed on your home, you can even take advantage of the work to add a layer of insulation between the wall of your home and your new siding. This can be particularly important if your old siding was installed when insulation was more expensive, so your home has been lacking this feature.

This insulated vinyl siding means your house will be much better at keeping cool air and heat in, while minimizing any leakages or loss, which can have a marked impact on your energy costs and save you money every year!


Vinyl siding is stronger than alternative materials, such as wood. The vinyl is designed to withstand the elements like wind, rain, hail and sun. Also, due to vinyl’s water resistant properties, it will resist rotting and corrosion over time.


Due to the strength and versatility of vinyl siding, it will require very little work to maintain over the years. You won’t have to worry about the daunting task of having to repaint your entire house every few years. Simply cleaning your vinyl siding periodically will keep it looking fresh and new.


Having new siding installed on your home is the perfect opportunity to see if your old siding has allowed any rainwater to leak through, causing structural damage to your home. This damage won’t always be immediately obvious, so catching it early when changing your siding can stop any problems from getting worse in the future, potentially saving you money in the long run.



Any big investment you make in your life should be thoroughly researched before being undertaken. Especially in the current financial climate, we all want to feel that we are spending our money wisely and that we are saving our money when we can.

One way we all want to save the money we spend on our home is by making it more energy efficient. Every step you take to make your home more energy efficient will save you money month on month on your energy bills. Upgrading your home with new windows is one such way that you can save money on your energy bills.

Just have a look below at the different ways new windows could actually save you money.


Switch to energy efficient windows

If you are considering getting new windows for your home, then you should definitely look at getting energy efficient windows with insulated frames.


More effective at retaining heat and air conditioning

These more energy efficient windows are much better at preventing the transfer of heat and cold into and out of your home throughout the year. In summer, the cool air from your air conditioning unit won’t be escaping out of your house, while in winter, the warm air stays trapped in your home and doesn’t escape.


Upfront Cost versus Savings over time

Although you may see it as simply throwing money away by investing in new, energy efficient windows, this is actually a short sighted view. What you are actually doing is investing in your house in a way that will give you savings on your energy bills year on year. Not to mention that upgrading your windows can also add value onto your property as an asset, which can be handy if you consider selling your house in the future.


If you have single pane windows

If you happen to live in a home with single pane windows then upgrading to new windows will definitely save you money. The energy efficient double-paned windows are much, much better at keeping hot or cold air from escaping your home, and you will see a very significant return on investment if you make the upgrade, potentially hundreds of dollars each year!


More savings in harsher seasons

If you upgrade your windows to energy efficient models before a particularly challenging season, then this can again lead to even greater savings. The harsher the winter, or the hotter the summer, the harder you will have to run your HVAC system to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Having energy efficient windows means you won’t have to run the HVAC system as hard in order to achieve the same temperature in your home.


Financial reimbursement

You may be able to get a reimbursement from the federal government if you upgrade to a qualifying type of energy star efficient windows. Be sure to check the rules and regulations for the area you live to see if this applies to you specifically, but if it does, the savings can be very worthwhile.



They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps that can be extended to mean windows are the eyes of a home. We ought to take care of our windows the same way we take care of our eyes, but windows can easily be neglected. Beyond wiping down the glass panes, what more can you do? Sometimes, the best way to truly make your home sparkle is to replace the old, broken-down windows with something updated. There are, of course, more benefits to replacing your windows than a new look. Replacing old windows increases your home’s market value, decreases the effort it takes to wash and maintain them, and prevents wasted energy. Here are four signs its time to replace your windows.

  • They are over 15-20 years old

Windows are made to last a long time, but like anything else, windows to have a breaking point. Even the most expensive windows that have been taken care of religiously will still need to be replaced around the 2-decade mark. Windows take a lot of beatings both internally and externally. From rogue balls to slanted hail, windows are weakened every day. Over time, your windows won’t be as reliable as they once were, and will eventually need replacing.

  • They are damaged

This one is pretty obvious. If your windows are damaged, it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace them than to pay for repairs. No one wants the beauty of their home to be distracted from by an eyesore such as a duct-taped window. Beyond a cracked or shattered windowpane, if your windows cannot be opened or shut properly, if there is condensation or fogging on or in between the glass, or if they are leaking air, you may want to consider replacing them.

  • Your energy bills are consistently too high

Windows are a main barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors. The energy you spend to heat and cool your home is wasted if your windows are drafty. Older windows are typically single-paned. Today, new windows have been improved to double and even triple-paned. This decreases to amount of noise from the outside, decreases heating and cooling costs, and better protects the inside of your home from the sun’s UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

  • You would like to sell your home

If you are planning on selling your home, you are likely looking for ways to improve your home’s market value. Not only do newly updated windows improve value, but also adds to curb appeal. New windows brighten the look of your home and add the benefits of modern windows. Cutting out noise and decreasing energy costs is a plus for any potential buyer.



It’s no surprise how damaging hurricanes and strong winds can be your landscaping, and more importantly, your home. More often than not, these natural disasters are unpredictable and leave little time to prepare for. The last thing you want is to be stranded in your home during a storm, wondering if your roof is going to make it through the scare. That is why it is important to take preventative steps and care to ensure your roof is built to last and can weather any storm that comes its way.


  1. Know your braces. Every home is different and unique in its own way. This can lead to a debacle when determining which type of roof your home has. Unless you’re an extremely talented Do-It-Yourselfer with a contracting background, it’s probably in your best interest to recruit the help of a professional builder before tackling this project yourself. If your rooftop is shaped like an “A,” then you most likely have a gable roof. Braces on these types of roofs are made of trusses, which are attached to the gable end. These trusses must be securely nailed to the bottom of the wall and braced to the adjacent trusses. It’s definitely a good idea to ensure your trusses are in fact properly secured to the wall, as this system prevents the brutal winds from destroying it.
  2. Lock it down with extra security. These systems alone are usually enough to keep the integrity of your rooftop, but if your house has cleared a thorough inspection from a professional home contractor, then there’s probably no need to make this additional expense. However, if you live in a particularly windy area, perhaps consider the addition of metal hurricane straps. These braces provide the proper strength and support needed to survive an extreme storm.
  3. Better safe than sorry. First and foremost, to ensure that your rooftop will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, it’s always smart to have a professional contractor inspect your home. Always keep in mind the age of your roof, as it is often recommended that your roof receive a proper and thorough maintenance after 15 years since installation. More often than not, after this long aging period, rooftops begin to showcase signs of wear and tear. Not only do the roofs begin to experience leaks but also the deterioration leaves the roof itself less stable than originally installed. Contact the professionals at Green Rhino Builders to tackle your roofing needs. Has a leak caused internal damage to your home? No worries, our contractors can meet with you to inspect the damage and give you a full remodeling estimate.