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When you’re planning a full home improvement project, you’ll have to choose between a local siding and roof installation contractor or a national one for the job. But locally trusted companies like Green Rhino Builders actually have more advantages that their national competitors.

Why should you trust in our excellent roofing services? Here are some of the biggest advantages you can have when hiring a local company:

Local Connections

This means your locally trusted contractor can get the job done faster by finding other trusted contractors to help with completing the job. To give you a better idea, let’s say you have water leaking through your roof and into your attic, and that it’s so bad that it damages the wiring. Not only will you need someone to fix your roof and replace some of the drywall, you’ll also need an electrician who will be able to do the necessary rewiring.

If you hire a national company to fix your problem, it will take longer to find for someone local to do the work. But with our local services, we know the best people in the area who can do the necessary electrical repairs for the best price.

Personal Ties to the Community

Hiring a national company to work on your roofing and siding project can be compared to talking to customer service for a large company. You won’t hear the same voice twice; the person will just want to know the issues you have with your home so the rep can jot down the work needed in the notes on your profile.

A local siding and roof installation company will have a different approach handling your project. That means you’ll be hearing the same voice every time you call, and, even after it’s completed, the contractors will still remember you and the project. Having personal ties to our community is just one of the many perks a trusted local company has, and it’s one of the best things that we can offer.

Service in Emergency Situations

If your roof has sustained a significant amount of damage during a severe weather event, you know that you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. This counts as an emergency, but in this type of situation, who do you think will get to you faster: a national company that has to go through a long procedure to reach a designated contractor or a locally reliable contractor who’s only a phone call away?

By the time a local contractor reaches your home and assesses the damage of your roof, you’ll probably still be waiting for a call back from the national company who’s still busy finding a designated contractor for your roof repair.

With Green Rhino Builders, you can be confident that your roofing and siding project is in the capable hands of the best company in the area. You can reach us by calling (570) 901-1334 or by filling out our convenient online contact form. Contact us today!

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