Why Settle for Less Than the Best Residential Roofing Installation?

Your roof protects so much: Your family and their health, your home’s structure and its contents—and you don’t want to risk any of that to careless residential roofing installation. In fact, you want your new roof to be flawless. Green Rhino Builders isn’t afraid to commit to your high expectations. That’s just how we operate.

Not Every Roof Needs Replaced, but if Yours Does, Choose Wisely

It’s a common worry among homeowners with roof leaks: What if the roofing company I call isn’t honest with me? What if they tell me I need a new roof, but a repair would be enough?

There’s a reason that homeowners are concerned about paying for a new roof they don’t really need. It happens too often:  Residential roofing installers to go straight to replacement when roof repairs make more sense. Because it serves them.

At Green Rhino Builders, we’re more concerned about building a relationship with you. If we treat you right, you’ll tell your friends, family, and neighbors. When we’re honest with you about the state of your roof, you’ll be more likely to give us your business later. That’s a better, more honest way to do business than prescribing a new roof in every situation.

However, if your roof is beyond repair—or if repairs won’t last long enough to return your investment—then we will take the time to discuss why we’re suggesting you replace that roof.

It all starts with scheduling an inspection. Call today, and we’ll put you in touch with a roofing specialist.

The Reasons Homeowners Trust Our Residential Roofing Installation

Whether it’s a brand-new roof installation on a garage, addition, or an entirely new home, or a roof replacement because yours is beyond repair, you may wonder what others are saying about the roofing services offered by Green Rhino.

Here are a few of the reasons why homeowners in NEPA choose us:

  • An actual person answers the phone when people call us
  • You can expect quality workmanship for large and small jobs
  • Choose from a variety of products and price points
  • Experienced, knowledgeable roofers deliver top-notch workmanship
  • All shingles, nails, tools, and garbage will be removed when the job is complete
  • All work and materials are fully warrantied
  • Your roof will perform as it should while looking beautiful
  • You’ll get all the help you need with insurance claim filing
  • Our roofers are also skilled in venting, facia, eaves, gutters, and more
  • You can expect our roofers to treat your home with care

What’s important to you as a homeowner searching for residential roofing installation? Whatever it is, it’s important to us, too.

We think you’ll see the Green Rhino difference as soon as you speak to a member of our team. Call today!

See Residential Roof Replacement Photos in Our Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our project photos have a lot to say. Browse through the images in our project gallery to get inspired and see the quality of our work.

Qualifications, Anyone?

When searching for residential roofing installation, you want to know that the roofer you choose has all the qualifications you’d expect—and more. Right?

How about a residential roofing installer who’s among the top 2% of roofers? That’s not too much to ask, right? And how about one with lots of great customer reviews? You have the right to expect that, too!

With Green Rhino Builders, you’ll get all that and much more. Contact us to schedule your no-cost quote today.

Don’t Wait for that Roof. Finance it!

Watching the weather forecast so you know when to put out the buckets. Hoping the next wind storm won’t entirely dislodge your roof’s shingles.

These are just some of the things on your mind daily—because your roof is leaking and you don’t have the cash to replace it right now.

Have you considered financing your new roof through Green Rhino Builders? All you’ll have to do is answer a few simple questions to see what’s possible.

Has Mother Nature Damaged Your Roof? Let Us Handle Your Insurance Claim

Mother Nature can do some serious damage, and we know how confusing and maddening insurance claims can be. It can seem like your insurance company is doing everything it can to discourage you from filing that claim.

Years ago, we got our business off the ground with insurance claim work, so you can be sure we know how to jump through insurance hoops.

No need to stress. Let us help. It all starts by contacting us.

a male builder inspecting a clipboard

Up on the Roof is a Great Place to Get Answers

Do you have questions about how to choose a quality roofing material? How about attic venting, gutters, or ways to maintain your roof? These are just a few of the subjects we’re covering up on the roof in our Roof Talks.

Join us for some lively banter, valuable homeowner information, and knowledge you can use to make the best roofing decisions.

Residential Roofing Installation in NEPA

Is your home in northeastern PA? Are you searching for residential roofing installers you can trust? Look no further. If you’re in any of these areas, we want you to call for a quote today:

  • Schuylkill County, PA
  • Lackawanna County, PA
  • Plains, PA
  • Wilkes Barre, PA
  • Carbon County, PA
  • Dallas, PA
  • Monroe County, PA
  • Luzerne County, PA
  • Scranton, PA
  • Bradford County, PA
  • Wyoming County, PA
  • Columbia County, PA
  • Susquehanna County, PA
  • Sullivan County, PA

Your roof protects so much, and we think you deserve to feel confident that it’s performing to the highest standards. Choose a residential roof installation expert in NEPA you can trust. Choose Green Rhino Builders.